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Grow Your Business with Social Media

More Than Your Average Social Media Agency

We are a leading Social Media Agency, designed to help you to achieve social success! Our Affordable Social Media Management Packages are designed to effectively boost your online presence and reach your brand objectives.

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how social media is a key component to your success

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By taking a look around your current social platforms, we can identify areas which could benefit from a well-rounded, targeted social strategy. From profile optimisation to audience analysis and social brand management, we analyse your current social presence in depth, as well as your branding.

2 . analysis

We analyse factors such as your competitors and target audience. Comparing your social presence to your competitors allows us to see where we need to focus our attention in order to be the best competition for them. We  explore your target audience in terms of their likes and requirements and then tailor the content we put out to them.

3 . the strategy

Then we craft the perfect social media management strategy to both meet and exceed your needs and requirements! The strategy will increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and generate new leads as well as boost brand engagement and build a community around your business.

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4 . build campaign


All of our research and development of your brand gets put into practice and we begin building your monthly campaigns. We dedicate our time to creating engaging content that aligns with your brand message and theme. Whatever your social media objectives are, from promoting your product or educating your audience, we will use your goals as our focus.

5 . the launch

This is the step where we begin the social media management! Once we know which direction we need to take and who you want to target, we will launch a comprehensive, engaging social strategy which will keep your brand alive on social. Engaging with your audience on social media is vital – we can help you achieve a 10% higher conversion rate!

6 . optimisation

Once your campaign is live, we take a look through your profiles and implement updates/ amendments to help enhance your visibility and engagement. Using a variety of social listening and reporting tools, we’re able to report on significant changes on the fly - that’s real-time monitoring to ensure you’re staying on top of your brand across social.

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Our Story

We’re passionate about helping brands establish an effective online social presence. Founded in 2020, The Social Combo aims to help businesses thrive in a continuously changing market and leverage their unique brand strengths to build a social platform to success. We’re here to make your life easier — get in touch today to begin your social media journey with us!

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