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Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing Becoming One

Many people are still not familiar with the concept of AI (artificial intelligence), but despite its global lack of familiarity, AI is a technology that is transforming businesses across the globe. AI is a tool that people are beginning to adopt in the business world, from using it to analyse data and mass amounts of information to improving decision making in general.

Digital marketing is being transformed by AI as it continues to advance. It has the ability to improve existing marketing campaigns and strategies by providing customer insights for your brand. With the ability to collect customer data, analyse it in depth and then react to it, AI truly is revolutionising the digital marketing field. With existing customer, as well as potential customer information continuously increasing, we are entering a dimension where brands will not need to spend time figuring out their target market’s needs and shopping behaviours. Even if you are unsure about your target audience, AI can help you segment your customers easily with intelligent algorithms and automated segmentation which will ensure your message and values are delivered effectively to a specific group of consumers.

This technology refers to CRM (customer relationship management) which is a strategy many companies use nowadays. It establishes a customer-centric approach to business by maximising customer information and then filtering the valid and important data. AI can also supercharge their leads by using predictive analysis and algorithms.

The main use of CRM is the creation of targeted recommendations, personalised sales and marketing aimed at the target customer, all which can be effectively delivered a specific time. Other examples of AI integrated with CRM is online customer support (usually in the format of smart chat boxes), intelligent personal assistantsand process automation.

CRM is becoming an essential part of a business as many business owners are beginning to recognise that is can help improve the customer journey and the customer service as a whole. It can help avoid the risk of any human errors through different everyday tasks and administrative duties.

Every business owner should consider implementing AI into their business, and in particular in their marketing strategy.

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