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How to use Social Media for Customer Service

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Social media is a great way to excel at customer service. Many customers prefer messaging on social platforms rather than phoning or emailing customer service. Customer service emails usually feel like automated responses and it can take days to hear back from a member of staff. Society nowadays, particularly younger demographics, like to avoid phoning family members and friends and turn to texting and messaging instead. They also have the choice of which platform they would prefer to talk to you on.

By handling customer complaints and concerns on social media, you'll show other customers how dedicated you are to keeping them satisfied.

Here are a few starter tips to help maximise your customer service!

#1 Add all of your contact info on all of your platforms

Visitors will be able to see as soon as they go onto your page, which will stay in their mind that the option is open!

Not all customers will reach out to customer support when they have a problem and prefer to find a solution to the problem themselves. That’s why it’s helpful to provide self-service options on your Instagram account.

Having a highlight’s on ‘about us’ and ‘info’ can also help customers get their questions answered to without the hassle of getting in touch. The more information you display for your customers, the better!

#3 Ensure that your notifications are on so you can monitor any mentions and comments

When sharing customer feedback, not all customers will visit your business profile to share their experience and many probably don’t even follow you. Because you don’t get notifications about these mentions, you may miss these conversations. Getting negative reviews that you don’t know about can hurt your brand’s reputation and make customers less likely to trust you.

#4 Reply as quickly as possible!

As a result, 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 60 minutes. This means responding to inquiries, reviews, and complaints as quickly as possible is the best social media customer service strategy.

Having a poor response time for replying to customers can have a bad knock-on effect to your brands reputation as it could cause customers to spread negative word of mouth.

#5 Make sure you have someone who’s role is focused on customer service.

If you have a marketing team and they don’t have time to be replying to customers on your social platforms, then it would recommend that you hire somebody that can focus directly on that. Of course, it depends on the size of your company, but you should keep an eye on your team’s workload when it comes to customer service. if you don't manage your social media presence carefully, it can damage your brand and drive potential paying customers far away.

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