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Social Media Ideas to Keep Your Social’s Super Fresh

Host an AMA

An AMA (ask me anything) series represents a great opportunity to educate and engage with your followers. Whether you are a brand that sells a product or service, or you are a sole trader, your followers are bound to have plenty of questions about you or your brand! They are essentially Q&A sessions where you can share your knowledge, experiences and insight.

You can also promote your favourite products or brands.

If you’ve overcome struggles or have clout in your industry, you likely have the chops to conduct an AMA. From sharing success stories to personal challenges, such sessions can be compelling for audiences and brands alike.

The best platform to conduct an AMA is Instagram stories. You will have the opportunity to answer any of the questions in any format you like, for example videos and new or throwback photos.

Conduct a Social Media Takeover

Sometimes injecting some new life into your social feeds means letting someone else take over. Takeovers put the reigns of your social accounts in someone else’s hands, usually for a period of 24 hours.

Handing off your social presence to an influencer or celebrity with a massive, active audience is a prime way to get your brand in front of some new faces, as well as inject a new voice into your account if you feel you’re running short on social media post ideas. You can also let someone else in your company take over your account to give your feed some flavour.

It is important to choose an influencer that is relevant to your brand and is someone who’s followers are essentially your target audience. Consider business partners and industry relationships that could be good candidates for a takeover. The purpose of a takeover is to gain more exposure and brand awareness.

Share, Retweet & Regram

Don’t be afraid to let your fans and followers do the talking! Your content does not always need to be your own. In fact, reposting someone else’s content is a great way to be engaging with other accounts.

Promoting other relevant brands, articles and photos from your followers is a great content idea that shows that you’re part of your industry’s conversation, not just a parrot. Also, promoting other brands often will lead to them reposting your original content. Great, right?!

Bite-Sized Video Clips

Video content marketing has become a must-do for modern brands. With society simply scrolling through their feeds, barely taking in any of the content they see before their eyes, videos are a great way to gain more of those thumb stopping reactions.

Unfortunately, many brand owners see video creation as being too complicated or out of their reach. But when you consider that video content gets exponentially more shares than video or text, brands should give some serious thought to creative social media ideas that incorporate video.

Even using boomerangs which are a super quick video will create more engagement and is most definitely something you should consider doing for your brand.

Go Behind the Scenes!

At their core, brands represent people. Don’t let that personal element of your social feed fall to the wayside.

Giving your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your company signals authenticity. Also, taking a snapshot or video at the office doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Nowadays, followers like to feel a part of the brand and see themselves, or individuals like themselves represented in the brand. For followers to see real people working at your brand, it will create a certain understanding between your audience and yourselves, because well, most of us have a job, right?

There are hundreds of ways you can create fresh and engaging content for your social media platforms. With the way technology and socials are advancing, it is important your brand keeps up with current trends that are online in order to stay relevant in the overcrowded market against your competitors.

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