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Tips to survive Covid-19 as a Small Business

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on small businesses all around the world.

Some businesses have modified their business plan to suit the current climate. Depending on your business and industry it is possible to change and/or expand your business to help generate profits that offsets some of the losses in your traditional business.

Every business owner, small or large, has had their own unique journey throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have managed to pivot their business in the face of the closures, new regulations and the different customer demands and behaviours.

Despite some small businesses flourishing in these difficult times, many have struggled tremendously – even with the government help. It is worthwhile, however, researching different job support schemes, business grants and bounce back loan schemes the government are offering small businesses. These options may help you get back onto your feet and continue selling your products/ services.

Turning to technology and online marketing is also an option to help businesses like yours to grow an online presence and reach wider audiences. Many small businesses transformed their physical stores to ecommerce online shops to give customers the option to online shop during closures and for high risk people to stay safe from their home.

Social media is a key component to growing brand awareness and leading customers to your online store. It has played a significant role in the financial situation of many companies, as by using social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you are much more likely to gain leads and sales.

During the first Lockdown, platforms introduced new features to help businesses such as Facebook’s Shop launch which allows companies to create free digital stores. Instagram releases stickers for small businesses and Pinterest began to highlight small and sustainable brands.

Now, as we go into the second Lockdown, whatever your business may be, it is important to find new ways to get creative online through social media marketing and ecommerce! Social media agencies, like The Social Combo are here to help you begin your social media journey and grow your online presence. Connecting and inspiring others in your online community is a vital technique to be doing throughout this next month… or months!

Want to learn more about how The Social Combo can help you through Lockdown? Get in touch today!

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