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Social Media Updates You Can’t Miss This Week!

Snapchat introduces ‘Snap Connect’ learning modules for marketers.

To help marketers build more impactful campaigns and drive better results with mobile gaming, apps, and e-commerce, Snapchat has launched a video-based certification program called ‘Snap Connect’. Snapchat stated, “For the first time, our very own subject-matter experts bring you inside the world of Snapchat to show you how to take your direct-response advertising to the next level. Each specialized Snap Connect certification offers fresh insights, product solutions, creative best practices, and client success stories—all tailored to your industry and region.”

You can now make your messages disappear on WhatsApp.

Looks like it’s not just stories that have the disappearing functionality anymore. WhatsApp have created this new functionality to help society send more private messages. Nowadays, it is hard to tell how much of our activity online is actually private. In WhatsApp’s own words: “When disappearing messages is turned on, new messages sent to a chat will disappear after 7 days, helping the conversation feel lighter and more private. In a one-to-one chat, either person can turn disappearing messages on or off. In groups, admins will have the control.” No need to work about sending risky WhatsApp messages anymore!

Snapchat Adds Astrological Profiles So Users Can See Their Alignment with Connections in the App.

Snapchat's stepping into new territory with Astrological Profiles, which will provide users with insights into their star sign, and what that means for them and their relationships. Totally up my street!

Facebook has begun to share ad copy tips to help brands increase their awareness online.

Facebook says that brands should look to personifying their brand and give it a unique voice to stand out. Facebook also suggests adding value propositions to ads that feature your products, explaining why consumers should use them, what makes them unique from others, and what benefit they’ll get.

Snapchat camera can now scan packaged food and wine labels.

Is an app known for its crazy filters really the place to scan your packaged food and wine labels for nutrition info? Apparently, so! Snapchat users can point the camera and scan the barcode on certain food packages and wine labels to get the nutrition information. But Snapchat’s scanning capabilities don’t just stop there. Using the Snap camera, users can identify any object from dog breeds to plants and also lookup for products on Amazon.

Facebook announces a season of support for small businesses.

If you are a small business, then this is the trend to look into! To help small businesses not just survive but thrive through this holiday season, Facebook announced the launch of their three-month-long “Season of Support” to provide small businesses all over the world.

Facebook announces the launch of a management tool for Facebook and Instagram.

This would be super useful when monitoring our socials and managing content. Facebook announced the launch of their management tool, Facebook Business Suite, for a faster and easier way to manage business on Facebook and Instagram. To help businesses save time and manage their pages and profiles across their apps, Facebook launched this all-in-one tool to help businesses post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and manage and receive messages, notifications, and alerts in one place. You also get Facebook and Instagram insights within the same tool to help you understand what’s working and what isn’t. Whilst this seems like a great function, you may need more advanced social media management to succeed online.

You can now tweet your voice.

Personally, I would not want to listen to my own voice online, let alone making others listen too! However, if you are tired of typing your tweets then this may be one for you. It’s now possible to record and tweet with voice tweets! After giving us sneak peeks of test versions of audio clips, Twitter has finally rolled out the option to tweet audio clips for up to 140 seconds for iOS users.

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